My Bookshelf Tour!

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We actually re-organize it quite a bit, but right now this is what our bookshelf looks like!

When you start accumulating more and more books, you will eventually figure out that without a “system” things can get pretty messy pretty fast! Right now, my boyfriend and I have two full book shelves and a closet full of books. The books we keep in our closet are ones that are older or ones that we don’t necessarily read a lot. The books on our second bookshelf are ones that we will read occasionally, but are not the “prettiest”. And we have one tall bookshelf in our living area that we use for our favorite books, books that looks interesting, and a few coffee table books. Brandon loves antiquing for odd little “knick-knacks”, so we also use this area to display some of our finds.

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The first thing you will notice about our bookshelf is that it is organized by color. Some people like to organize their shelves by genre or author, we find that it’s easier to “color code” if you have a lot of books in different genres! Our top shelf is our “white book” shelf. We didn’t plan this, but most of these books are classic novels and all of them are paperback! This is where you will find classics such as Moby Dick, Pride and Prejudice, and King Lear.

2016-06-21 01.30.14 1.jpg

Our second shelf down is what you can call our main shelf. It’s the focal point of the entire bookshelf and it holds books that are blue-ish or yellow-ish. This shelf is a mixture of classic and modern novels. It also includes some of my favorite decorations- our cute little house plant, a pair of deer antlers that I added glitter to, and an old Indian cricket box we found at an antique store.

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On our third shelf down you will find books that are red and a tiny pile that are gray/tan. Once again, most of these books are classic novels with the exception of one or two. We have an outlet right next to our shelf, so this is where we will usually set our phones when they are charging! Haha.

2016-06-21 01.29.35 1.jpg

The fourth shelf down was the most difficult to organize. I would have never known how many black books we own if I didn’t color code my bookshelf! Our pile of black books was so large, we probably only put about a third of them on the shelf. Most of these books are Brandon’s favorites or books that I talked him into leaving on the shelf because I liked the covers! You will also find a few more of my favorite decorations, a deer candle holder that I found for two dollars in a thrift store (and it’s super heavy) and a brass replica of a Tibetan mask.

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Our bottom shelf is home to our green hued books, coffee table books that aren’t on the coffee table right now, and books that we checked out from the library that we aren’t reading right now(although most library books end up placed all around my house). Brandon found a pair of marble horse head book ends at our local antique store, so we placed one of them in between our stacks of books!

I hope you enjoyed this tour of my bookshelf! I’m sure it will change in a month or so, but right now I’m really digging this look! How do you organize your bookshelf? Let me know in the comments!





Author: Revitalized Reading by Danica

Working in a public library for three years has introduced me to some of the most interesting books and book related ideas! I am a creator, dreamer, and lover of all literature and i'm here to share my bookish ways with you!

6 thoughts on “My Bookshelf Tour!”

  1. I think at one point, I heard you say something like, “I’m not crafty.” Well, I’m here to say that you are. Did you use spray adhesive for the glitter-y antlers? You should redo my bookshelf!!! (it’s a mess).


      1. Well, I love it. It’s an idea for all of Trent’s hunting…stuff. Do you have personal weeding criteria? Like, when it’s okay to get rid of something?


      2. Unfortunately, I’m a book hoarder! We can always find room for our little collectibles, but when it comes to books its a bit more difficult. We always keep our favorites on display! When we start getting new books we will go through and replace the books that we don’t read (or don’t want to look at) as much. I know it may be strange to judge books by their condition or how pretty they are, but this particular shelf is for decor as well! Like I mentioned in the post, we also have another book shelf we keep books on…so no book gets left behind! 😊

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