Book Review: Don’t You Cry


Don’t You Cry by Mary Kubica, Published May 17th 2016 by MIRA

“Little does she know it, but she occupies ever spare moment of my time.”

Mary Kubica, Don’t You Cry

You know how I feel about Mary Kubica. I have fallen in love with her story telling ever since I read her first book, “The Good Girl”. Her second book, “Pretty Baby” was no different. I was so completely excited to read “Don’t You Cry” because I was expecting to become completely entranced with her story and her beautiful writing. It went a little differently than expected.


A woman named Esther Vaughn disappears from her small Chicago apartment leaving an open window and a letter addressed to “My Dearest”. Her roommate, Quinn Collins, begins searching for an answer to her disappearance. On the way she is introduced to some disturbing ideas on why Esther has left.

Meanwhile, in a small Michigan town outside of Chicago, a mysterious young woman enters a coffee shop. Alex Gallo, an eighteen-year-old dishwasher, is immediately drawn to her. As Alex gets to know the mysterious beauty, he discovers that there is far more to her than what he initially believed.

My Thoughts:

When I began reading “Don’t You Cry”, I could feel the suspense! As always, I began trying to solve the mystery at hand. The character Quinn is my favorite. She is described as a normal girl, not gorgeous and thin or super intelligent, who we discover has a bad case of paranoia. The disappearance of her roommate causes her behavior to change drastically and we are able to follow along as she goes from care-free to paranoid. To me, Quinn is the most interesting character. Alex Gallo is the most believable character. He’s an eighteen-year old son of an alcoholic who is dealing with being the only one of his friends who didn’t go away to college after graduation. Overall, I enjoyed the characters in the book.

Once again, I love Kubica’s ability to write a genuinely suspenseful story. Up until the last chapter you will continue to wonder the outcome. Her dialogue is very relaxed and “nonchalant” which makes it more authentic. I truly appreciate her writing.

Now, this is where I’m going to break the hearts of the many Kubica fans out there. The ending. I did not care for the ending at all. I wasn’t surprised, I was confused. I felt like there wasn’t enough reference to the outcome to make it a “discovery”, which is what makes mystery thriller novels so great. It kind of came out of nowhere. Maybe I felt that I wasn’t able to connect with certain characters, but I wasn’t sad or happy or excited. I just didn’t care. I know. It’s harsh. And I’m disappointed that I wasn’t able to love it. Other than the fact that I was unable to enjoy the ending, this novel was a pretty good read. I would suggest reading her other novels before you pick this one up. And borrow it or check it out from your local library BEFORE you think about buying it.

My Rating: 3/5



Author: Revitalized Reading by Danica

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