Mini Reviews: Children’s Halloween Books!


I haven’t done mini reviews on children’s books in so long! I actually got a lot of positive feedback on my last batch of children’s reviews, so I decided to review some Halloween themed books that are perfect to read to your children this season!  If you click on the title, you can see the price of each book through Amazon. I also included my personal rating for each book.  You can read my rating system here! Hope you enjoy 🙂


A Dark and Noisy Night: A Silly Thriller with Peggy the Pig by Lisa Thiesing

This is the type of scary book to read to your child to reassure them when they get scared during the night! Peggy is afraid of all the strange noises in her house, but we soon learn that the noises are nothing to be afraid of. Perfect to read on Halloween night, I rate this book 3/5.


Skelly the Skeleton Girl by Jimmy Pickering

Skelly the Skeleton Girl is an adorable book with amazing illustrations done by the author. In the book Skelly comes across a bone. In an effort to return the bone to its owner, we are introduced to all her spooky friends in her spooky house! I rate this book 5/5.


Mouse’s First Fall by Lauren Thompson, Illustrated by Buket Erdogan

This book is definitely for younger children. Mouse and Minka are two mice who are experiencing the wonderful colors and shapes of fall by playing in the leaves. The illustrations are beautiful, and the book allows some interaction with the reader as it counts the leaves and the colors. I rate this book 4/5.


Angelina’s Halloween by Katherine Holabird, Illustrated by Helen Craig

The Angelina series is very popular at our library with younger readers. Angelina Mouseling is getting ready for Halloween night with her friends. Her little sister, Polly, wants to be a fairy just like her sister but Angelina talks her into being a ghost instead. As they are trick-or-treating Polly scares Angelina when she temporarily gets lost, which makes her realize how important Polly is to her. The illustrations are beautiful and intricate and the story is a fun learning experience. I rate this book 4/5.


Dog and Bear: Tricks and Treats by Laura Vaccaro Seeger

Dog and Bear is also another popular series. In this book, Dog and Bear have lots of fun getting ready for Halloween, handing out candy, and trick-or –treating. It’s very comical and I actually found myself laughing a few times. It was very enjoyable and will be for your little reader too! I rate this book 5/5.


Bone Dog by Eric Rohmann

I was kind of surprised by this book. It started off pretty morbid for a children’s picture book. Basically, this kid’s dog dies and then she comes back in the form of a “bone dog” to save him from some evil skeletons on Halloween night. It was cute, but it made me sad! I can’t decide if I really liked it or I’m really freaked out by it, to be honest! So I rate this book a 3/5.


Zen Ghosts by Jon J Muth

Zen is another series of books (sorry for all the series). Stillwater is a panda that is friends with three children. On a full moon Halloween night, he asks the children to meet him so that he can tell them an ancient Chinese story. It’s a story within a story; The Inception of children’s books. I loved it. The watercolor illustrations are gorgeous and the entire story was magical (even if I found it strange that a giant panda was friends with three kids). I rate this book 5/5.


Halloween Night by Elizabeth Hatch, Illustrated by Jimmy Pickering

Another book illustrated by Jimmy Pickering, who I am finding out is fantastic. This is a fun Halloween take on the song “And the Green Grass Grew All Around” using typical Halloween characters like bats and pumpkins. If you are looking for a Halloween themed book without the “spookiness”, this would be perfect! I rate this book 4/5.


Pumpkin Moon by Tim Preston, Illustrated by Simon Bartram

This book is all about the pictures. The illustrations are great and kinda creepy in a way. The story is about what happens to all the jack-o-lanterns after Halloween night when everyone goes to sleep. It’s a simple book that would be fun to read after a night of trick or treating! I rate this book 3/5.


Boo! It’s Halloween by Wendy Watson

I think this book was such a neat concept. Not only is it a story about the day of Halloween , but in the illustrations the characters are telling each other Halloween jokes that you get to read. It’s so cool! My only advice would be to read the story then go back and read the jokes. I rate this book 3/5.

Do you have a favorite Halloween themed children’s book? Let me know in the comments!



Author: Revitalized Reading by Danica

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