My [Harry Potter] Christmas Tree Tour


I have been so excited to share my Harry Potter Christmas tree with everyone! I handmade all of the ornaments myself using cheap Dollar Tree ornaments, paper, and lots of Mod Podge. I am sorry about the quality of these pictures. I wanted to show how truly magical it is in person, but my apartment is so dark that I had to open all of the blinds to give you guys a better look! I hope you enjoy this mini tour of my Christmas tree!

Processed with VSCO with c2 preset

Processed with VSCO

I wish I would have had more time and resources to make the top of my tree really extravagant, but alas, I did not. So I just topped it with a simple (but still awesome) Platform 9 3/4 ticket! And I, of course, had to put my Hogwarts house ornament at the very top! (Go Go Gryffindor!)

I printed off book covers, glued them to cardboard, and lined them with glitter. They were probably my favorite ornaments on the tree.

Processed with VSCO

I added different ornaments that really defined Harry Potter to me. The Deathly Hallows symbol, ornaments filled with potions (like the Felix Felicis one you see here), and Harry Potter’s acceptance letter. I used a mixture of canola oil and gold glitter for Felix Felicis, and I was so happy with how it turned out!

2016-12-18 12.46.05 1.jpg

I can’t forget the Golden Snitches with book page wings and my favorite quote, “I Solemnly Swear That I Am Up To No Good”! They are a little bit difficult to see, but the green ornaments have the Unforgivable Curses written on them with silver glitter!  You can also see my second “potion” ornament, Floo Powder, made with baking powder and multi-colored glitter!

I hope you enjoyed my quick little tour! Here are some close-ups and extras of my Harry Potter Tree! Click on the photos to get a closer look!

A list of all the ornaments I made:

  • Gryffindor House Ornaments (4)
  • Book Cover Ornaments (7)
  • Golden Snitches
  • Deathly Hallows Symbols
  • Lightning Bolt Symbols
  • Unforgivable Curses
  • Harry Potter Hogwarts Letter
  • Platform 9 3/4 Train Ticket
  • I Solemnly Swear I’m Up To No Good Quote
  • “Potion” Ornaments (3)
    • Floo Powder
    • Felix Felicis
    • Veritaserum



Author: Revitalized Reading by Danica

Working in a public library for three years has introduced me to some of the most interesting books and book related ideas! I am a creator, dreamer, and lover of all literature and i'm here to share my bookish ways with you!

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