November Book Haul


Guys, It’s NOVEMBER (yeah, i’m a little late). That means that it’s almost DECEMBER, which means that it’s almost 2017! I don’t know about you, but I am so glad that this year is almost over. It’s been  one of the most difficult years of my life so far and i’m desperate to just move on. But that’s neither here nor there. With a new month comes new books to read and I have definitely (as always) gone a bit overboard! I’m hoping I can read all SIX books I have checked out…I’m going to go ahead and tell you right now…there’s a good chance I won’t finish all of them in one month. Especially since it’s also NaNoWriMo! So six books plus writing approximately 2,000 words a day. I don’t know how i’m going to pull this off, but damnit…i’m gunna try! Anyways, here are my picks for November! You can click on the title to read more about them on Goodreads.

November Book List

The Picture of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde

Bowie: A Biography by Marc Spitz

Tales of the Peculiar by Ransom Riggs

Among The Living by Jonathan Rabb

Modern Lovers by Emma Straub

Who Killed These Girls?: Cold Case: The Yogurt Shop Murders by Beverly Lowry

Tell me what YOU are reading this month in the comments!





Themed Reading Month: Horror


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Horror is a genre of fiction intended to frighten, scare, disgust, or startle readers by inducing feelings of terror or horror. H.P. Lovecraft, Stephen King, Edgar Allen Poe, Bram Stoker, Dean Koontz, Mary Shelley, and Joe Hill are a few authors associated with the exceptional genre. I love reading horror because it’s so easy to get enveloped in the story! I can watch a scary movie and be completely okay, but reading horror can give me nightmares for days. When you are someone like me, who loves all things scary and being scared, there is so no better way to experience Horror than by reading it!

In this post, I wanted to highlight the Horror books that I plan on reading this month and share a list of the 20 scariest books of all time according to some of my favorite librarians and friends!


My October TBR

The Shining by Stephen King

Doctor Sleep by Stephen King

Coraline by Neil Gaiman

Hell House by Richard Matheson

We Need to Talk About Kevin by Lionel Shriver

Rececca by Daphne DuMaurier

If you’ve read any of these, let me know what you think about them! Do you have a favorite from this list? Let me know in the comments 🙂


Special thanks to my friends and co-workers for suggesting these spooky tales!







September Book Haul

2016-08-23 07.54.31 1.jpg
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Oh man, the books that we just got into the library are ones that I’ve been waiting for all summer! I tried to not check out 50 books this time, instead I narrowed it down to 6. Can I just say that I am super impressed with myself! This haul was all about waiting for the last of my summer picks to come in, no browsing this time! Here is a little preview of the books you can expect to read more about on my blog this September! All synopses were found at!


Harmony by Carolyn Parkhurst

The Hammond family seems to be going just fine, until it becomes clear that the oldest daughter, Tilly, is developing abnormally. The family turns to Camp Harmony and the wisdom of child behavior guru Scott Bean for a solution. But what they discover in the woods of New Hampshire will push them to the very limit.


Girls on Fire by Robin Wasserman

Girls on Fire tells the story of Hannah and Lacey and their obsessive teenage female friendship so passionately violent it bloodies the very sunset its protagonists insist on riding into, together, at any cost.


Woman in Cabin 10 by Ruth Ware

In this tightly wound story, Lo Blacklock, a journalist who writes for a travel magazine, has just been given the assignment of a lifetime: a week on a luxury cruise with only a handful of cabins. At first, Lo’s stay is nothing but pleasant, but as the week wears on, frigid winds whip the deck, gray skies fall, and Lo witnesses what she can only describe as a nightmare.


The Muse by Jessie Burton

Having struggled to find her place in the city since she arrived from Trinidad five years ago, Odelle Bastien has been offered a job as a typist under the tutelage of the glamorous and enigmatic Marjorie Quick. But though Quick takes Odelle into her confidence, and unlocks a potential she didn’t know she had, she remains a mystery.


The Age of Bowie by Paul Morley

Respected arts commentator Paul Morley, one of the team who curated the highly successful retrospective exhibition for the Victoria & Albert Museum in London, David Bowie Is . . . constructs the definitive story of Bowie that explores how he worked, played, aged, structured his ideas, invented the future and entered history as someone who could and would never be forgotten. 


Classic Pick: Pale Fire by Vladimir Nabokov

An ingeniously constructed parody of detective fiction and learned commentary, Pale Fire offers a cornucopia of deceptive pleasures, at the center of which is a 999-line poem written by the literary genius John Shade just before his death. 

What’s on your TBR list for September? Let me know in the comments!



Summer Book Haul

2016-05-28 09.39.27 1.jpg

I always go a little overboard when I check out books from the library! This is partly because sometimes I am the one who checks in the books that patrons return- so I get the opportunity to see all these new shiny books before they go on the shelves. And, of course, I can’t help myself. I tried to reign it in a little bit for this haul. My goal for summer reading (which I will talk more about next week) is to re-introduce myself to young adult fiction. With this in mind, I picked up a few YA books to get started with! And hey, if you’ve read ANY of these…please let me know what you think of them in the comments!

First of all, I checked out the ENTIRE CHRONICLES OF NARNIA SERIES. The reason is because at least one book in the series is always checked out…well, they all just happen to be I grabbed them while I had the chance! Written by one of the greatest fantasy writers of all time (in my opinion), C.S. Lewis, The Chronicles of Narnia is considered a classic of children’s literature. I’m excited to finally read the series!!!


In Real Life by Jessica Love

I think this just may be the perfect summer “road trip” story! It is about two friends that have never met in person, but one friend finally decides to surprise the other. Unfortunately, there have been secrets kept. This sounds so dramatic and fun! I haven’t heard much talk about this book, but I saw it on one of our YA displays and I thought it looked really interesting…I guess we will find out!

Wink Poppy Midnight by April Genevieve Tucholke

I grabbed this book as soon as it came into our library because of the cover. Yeah, I did it. I fully judged a book by it’s cover. Wink Poppy Midnight is described as kind of a mystery thriller- which got me even more excited. Also, We Were Liars by E. Lockhart was one of my favorite books I read last summer and Wink Poppy Midnight is recommended for those who enjoyed We Were Liars. I’m just really rooting for this book to be good! I’ll definitely do a review when I finish it!

Summer Days and Summer Nights by many authors! Edited by Stephanie Perkins

I am SO excited about this book! I’ve been seeing this book everywhere! So many wonderful young adult authors team up to create this fun summer book full of short stories. I love reading short stories, especially when I get really busy with summer reading at the library and can only read a little bit at a time. Perfect perfect for summer! I definitely plan to write a review on this one so stay tuned!

Bittersweet by Stephanie Danler

One word: wine. Bittersweet is the story of Tess who comes to New York in the summer of 2006 and begins working in a Manhattan restaurant. We follow Tess as she navigates the city and the food and wine scene. Yes. Yes. Yes. My summers are usually spent navigating many bottles of wine..I  can already feel that Tess and I are the same person! This is not a young adult novel, but I just couldn’t pass this up! I love reading debut novels, so I can’t wait to read Danler’s writing!

Well, that’s my first haul of the summer! I’m excited to delve into these books and let you know my thoughts and opinions. Next week I’ll be posting something super fun for summer and a GIVEAWAY!!! So please follow Revitalized Reading to stay updated!

Happy SUMMER Reading!