Thursday Thoughts: “I Need a Break”


I truly underestimated how busy I was going to be at the beginning of this year. I have begun working way more, preparing my graduate school application, writing more reviews for our local newspaper, celebrating my birthday (which is like a month long celebration for me), and I’ve been trying to keep up with reading and writing for my blog- which I’m kind of failing at.

On top of that, my phone camera broke so I haven’t posted any pictures on my “bookstagram” and I’m currently sharing a laptop with my boyfriend because mine broke months ago. Technology is seriously failing me right now. 

SO, I really just wanted to share with you guys my plans for the next month:

There is nothing that makes me happier than reading a book and talking about it, especially all of these WONDERFUL new indie books that I’ve been reading. I’ve been receiving a lot of review requests and I am so impressed by all of these kind and hardworking writers that have allowed me to read their work. That’s why it’s even more difficult for me to admit that I desperately need a break! Not a break FROM reading and writing, but a break so that I can CATCH UP on my reading and writing.

I had a lot of fun blog posts planned for February, but I decided that it would be best for me and my readers if I took a month to envelope myself in literature, write tons of interesting posts and reviews, and just update anything and everything. During this time I will be making some pretty big changes to my blog, so it will be worth it!

Please be patient with me and please join me in getting excited about the future of Revitalized Reading!



Thursday Thoughts: 30 Things to do Before I’m [THIRTY]


I turn 27 in five days. At 25 I was fine. 26, okay! But 27 is me officially entering my “late 20’s”, and for some reason, I’m kind of freaking out! Someone called me 24 the other day and I dubbed them my best friend! I know I will be super excited when I finally enter my 30’s, but why does that mean I have to say goodbye to my 20’s?! UGH.

Anyways, enough with the pity party. I only have three years to get everything I want to do in my 20’s out of my system! Here is my list of THIRTY things I want to do before I’m 30!

  1. Get healthy! Not just exercising, but go to the doctor more often and take care of myself. I’m sure my 30-year-old self will appreciate it!
  2. Travel to a US city I’ve never been to. Seattle is on my list!
  3. Do more things by myself. Take a trip or just treat myself to a nice dinner.
  4. Finish a novel.
  5. Get a Master’s degree. Cause why not?
  6. Develop another hobby. If I wanna turn reading and writing into a career, I probably want to find another great hobby I can turn to when I’m feeling over-worked!
  7. Get engaged. It would be nice! Haha!
  8. Learn my family history. My great grandfather was a Tuskegee Airman. I would like to know what other wonderful secrets are hiding within my family tree.
  9. Learn to cook! Like, really cook! Unfortunately, my boyfriend does most of the cooking around our house.
  10. Learn a foreign language!
  11. Go on a thru-hike.
  12. Get out of debt. Uuugghhhh.
  13. Move somewhere entirely new…more than once!
  14. Start a daily journal. I write, but I don’t write every day. I’d like to start!
  15. Overcome a fear. I have a weird fear of driving in unfamiliar places. I’d like to face that fear in order to become more independent!
  16. Get (another) tattoo. I have a small tattoo I got when I was 18. I’d like to get more!
  17. Become a runner! I’m barely a walker right now! Haha!
  18. Pick a cause and become passionate about it. I feel like I’m passionate about a lot of things, but I’d like to choose a cause and put my all into it!
  19. See a Broadway musical! I hear The Cursed Child is coming to Broadway soon!
  20. Study English in England. Something I’ve always wanted to do. Maybe that’s where I’ll get my Master’s degree!
  21. Donate blood.
  22. Host a dinner party.
  23. Watch all the Star Wars, James Bond, and Indiana Jones movies. My boyfriend will thank me for that.
  24. Learn a really impressive rap song from start to finish. And then go karaoke and blow everyone’s mind!
  25. See all my favorite bands live. There are three bands/musicians I’ve been wanting to see since 2008: Coldplay, Radiohead, Paul McCartney.
  26. Read more news! I really try to, but then I get depressed.
  27. Visit wine country. My love for wine is right up there with my love for books.
  28. Take a girls trip with my best friends!
  29. Make more/new friends! You can never have enough friends!
  30. Start chasing my dreams! Like, really! Figure out exactly what will make me happy and GO FOR IT!

I hope you enjoyed my list of thirty things to do before I’m 30! Wish me luck with 27!


Thursday Thoughts: Dear 21 Year Old Me

Thursday Thoughts-Dear 21 Year Old Me.png

It doesn’t seem very long ago that I was celebrating my twenty-first birthday! It was one of the best birthday parties I’ve ever had! A small bar filled with people who were there just for me. I was a lucky gal! When I think back to when I was 21, in 2011, it kind of makes me cringe. There was so much I didn’t know…so much I wish I would have known. This is a letter to myself almost six years later. Enjoy!

Dear (21 Year Old) Danica,

Well, you’ve finally made it! The big 2-1! It doesn’t seem very long ago that I was standing in your shoes (I’m guessing a pair of patent black flats), but just know you will change immensely. Girl, you need to slow it down. Yeah, it’s fun to go out with your friends and drink so much you blackout, but when you wake up two weeks from today and you can’t stop puking…and you can barely move…you will look back and hate yourself for being so crazy. You can slow down; you aren’t going to miss out on anything.

Now that that’s out of the way, you need to know that you are awesome. You never take life too seriously and you are determined to stay young at heart! Well, guess what? That never goes away, so congrats! You are brave and confident, but you need to learn to be patient and don’t let your emotions rule you. It’s not the end of the world if someone gives you a dirty look…you’ll be fine. I know you are desperate for everyone to like you right now, but guess what? Some people aren’t going to like you…and that’s OKAY! You will have some of the best memories this year, but don’t spend too much time trying to re-live the memories. MAKE NEW ONES.

You NEED to stop comparing yourself to other people. It will break you. You’re going to struggle this year because you feel unaccomplished. You will spend more time lying on the floor of your room crying than you ever will in your life (so far). You are enough. You will get through this and it will all be worth it! Stop trying to force your ambitions…your calling will come in due time. The sooner you realize that you don’t need to “keep up” with the people around you, the better.

Please stop worrying so much about how you look. It’s all a mistake anyways. Five years from now you will look back and think “why are my eyebrows so thin”?! and “why am I wearing that ghastly black eye shadow”?! You don’t have to be super thin with perfect makeup…you’re adorable…own it!

And finally, THAT guy is not the answer. I’m actually kind of disgusted that you thought that you loved him, but i’m not writing to criticize you. Even though I desperately want to. (*cough*he’sanawfulperson*cough*) I know you think he might be the one that will make everything better, he’s not. It may feel like being alone is the worst thing in the world right now, but you aren’t alone! Open your eyes! You are surrounded by family and friends that love you. Get it together. You will feel heartbroken at first, but the pain will be worth it once you meet Brandon…which is in about 7 months…be prepared to fall completely in love like you’ve never known. And enjoy the wild heart-pounding ride!

Above all, stay true to yourself. You are unique, fun, and unforgettable. Knowing that about yourself will help you along the way!


26 (almost 27) Year Old Danica


Thursday Thoughts: Wayfaring


I’ve always pictured myself somewhere beautiful, vast mountains or spectacular architecture surrounding me. Instead, I was born in a small town in Kansas and have spent my entire life in this state. I’ve been lucky enough to get to travel around the US quite a bit, but there is nothing I want more than to be able to write from abroad (in this daydream I’m some sort of rad editor who travels around the world and works in the mornings at this cute little coffee shop a few blocks from our hostel).

States I’ve visited: Kansas, Nevada, Arizona, New Mexico, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Arkansas, Missouri, Iowa, Minnesota, Michigan, Illinois, Tennessee, Mississippi, Kentucky, Ohio, Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina, District of Columbia, Pennsylvania, West Virginia. (Also, don’t judge me because I live next to Colorado and have never actually been to Colorado).


Memphis, TN 2012

Luckily, my boyfriend of five years, Brandon, feels the same way! We’ve had hundreds of conversations about the places we want to visit and the places we want to live. It’s comforting to find someone who wants basically exactly what you want out of life-not wealth or recognition, just to be happy and continue to learn as much as we can from everything and everyone around us.

Places we want to live: London – Because who wouldn’t want to study literature in the UK?!, Tokyo – Brandon is fascinated by Japanese culture, Vancouver – I always tell people that I’m a Canadian who just happened to be born in the US.

I’ve considered the Peace Corps, teaching English abroad, convincing Brandon to become a shampoo model in Japan, basically anything that will get me out of the country without having to sell everything I own. It’s hard to travel when you don’t have a lot of expendable income, which we absolutely do not. Also, i’m completely realistic about my dream, I know that when I’m able to travel It won’t be the same as being on vacation for the rest of my life, in fact I think I might hate that. I love feeling busy, I want to immerse myself into another culture for as long as I can!

Places where I want to volunteer: Literally anywhere. Seriously. ANYWHERE. 

One thing we have discussed in depth is doing a thru-hike on one of the many popular trails here in North America. Spending three to seven months away from all distractions, walking ten to fifteen miles a day, and getting the chance to see all the beautiful parts of the states that we would have never thought of seeing. The only thing about running away for months at a time is that you won’t be earning money (I might be able to swing that if I save a lot) and it’s so expensive to get started (quality backpacking gear can cost you some serious $$). But, it’s one thing that has been on my bucket-list since I started day hiking for fun!


Trails I want to thru-hike: North Country Trail, Appalachian Trail

It’s my dream to travel. I want to learn new languages, eat interesting foods, and meet new people. It may not be feasible now, but in a few years hopefully you’ll be reading about all of my fun travel adventures on my blog!


Thursday Thoughts: Things That Are Making Me Happy Right Now


After spending the entire day yesterday crying for the future of our country, I made a decision to focus on all the beautiful things around me today. There is going to be a time when we need to stand up and unite and take action if we want four years from now to look better than it does today, but in the meantime I need to counteract my mourning with beauty! Today, I wanted to share a few things with you that are making me happy right now and I hope you will decide to share your happiness with me as well!

f1413909f2abb579715f884512dede53.jpgDAVID BOWIE. Anyone who knows me, even just a little bit, knows that I am in love with David Bowie and his beautiful music. I have found so much solace in his music these past few weeks. Music really has the ability to change our mood and Bowie has definitely done that for me!


OPAL. One of my best friends is obsessed with opal gems and opal color palettes and lately I have been drawn to the beautiful colors! I like to go to Pinterest and search “opal” and look at all the hair, fabric, and paintings inspired by this beautiful gem!


FALL WEATHER [FINALLY]. I don’t know about your neck of the woods, but here in Kansas it’s just now getting cool enough to wear sweaters and boots and partake in all the fun fall activities (like drinking hot cider)! I love cool weather, so this is something that is making me extremely happy!


COFFEE. Okay, coffee always makes me happy but I just recently started using and drinking coffee in different ways! Have you ever heard of Frank coffee scrub? If not, you’re missing out! It makes your skin SO soft and wakes you up while you’re using it! I’ve also transitioned from drinking my coffee straight black to using different flavored creamers! My current favorite: salted caramel 🙂

2016-11-10 02.39.19 1.jpg

MY FRIENDS. I am so thankful for my wonderful, beautiful, supportive friends, especially my boyfriend who reminds me every single day that everything will work out! I wish I had a picture with every single one of them in it, but having a lot of long distance friends is tough! It is a wonderful thing to have friends who support everything you do and text you every morning just to remind you that they are always there for you! I’m a lucky gal who knows I can get through any upset because of the fabulous people around me!

Let’s make each other happy! Let me know what is making YOU happy right now!